This is Tegsnäs Group

Tegsnäs Group is a growing group with both Sweden and the world as a market area. The base is located in Tegsnäset and Vindeln and our proud origins go back more than 115 years. Today, we are active in several business areas: Wood products for industries, special packaging, building materials, Tegsnässkidan and our latest addition in warehousing and logistics: Tegsnäs Logistics. We are also a co-founder of Tegsnäshus and a proud supplier of Jörnkängan.


Lasts 100 years.
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Quality as the ski.
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For all types of weather.
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About Us

Timber company since 1907.
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Building Material

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Wood Products

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Special Packaging

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With wood in our heart

Tegsnäs Group is one of the market’s leading suppliers of wood consumables, special packaging and building materials. We also manufacture and market the classic Tegsnäs ski and are now starting an investment in a new business area within warehousing and logistics (3PL). The entire group has sales of approximately SEK 250 million. Today, the majority of our customers are in Sweden and we export about 20 percent.

Craftsmanship, professionalism and pride permeate our thinking throughout the company. What we do must be done with feeling, competence, pride and responsibility regardless whether it is about production, development of new products or customer service.

Within Tegsnäs Group, we have a strong driving force that takes us forward. We have fantastic conditions with close access to the very best raw material as well as major transport routes and ports.

Together with our fine customers, skilled employees and well-developed processes, we have a solid foundation to stand on. And all using top-quality raw materials to give you the best results. That foundation makes us the safe and reliable supplier we want to be both now and for a long time to come.